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Are there doors that will not work with Nexkey?

Any door can work with Nexkey. Upgrades to the mechanical hardware or door frame may be required in some cases.

How long will the installation take?

An install time will vary depending on the number of doors and hardware that needs to be installed. Nexkey’s average time for installations is about 1-4 hours.

Is Nexkey up to fire code regulations?

Yes, when the Nexkey Controller is installed on your main entry door, the keyhole and lock stay untouched. You will still be able to use a physical key to enter therefore follows fire code regulations.

The building I am in already has an existing keycard system, will your system work in parallel with it?

Yes, Nexkey will work in parallel with most keycard systems.


How do I send a key?

Check out our Admin Onboarding Guide to learn how to send keys to users on your smartphone!

How do I revoke a key?

Check out our Admin Onboarding Guide to learn how to revoke keys to users on your smartphone! The user will be notified once the key has been revoked.

What type of smartphone is required to use the nexkey app?

For an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch you need to have iOS 10.0 or later running, and 5.0 Lollipop or later on an Android device. For temporary access, Nexkey does not require the app. Users without a smartphone can recieve key codes via text to unlock the door.

What type of keys can I send?

Administrators have full control over each key sent to the user. Customize key schedules - only for an hour, during business hours, or ongoing 24/7 use.

Does Nexkey have a web dashboard?

Yes, Nexkey provides a portal for admins to gain insights into how their space is being accessed and when. For access, contact Nexkey at

How can I see the activity log for each door?

Once logged into the Nexkey app, select the 'Keys' tab at the bottom of the screen. Select any door - as an admin - then select the 'activity' tab to see the log. You can also do the same by user in the 'people' tab and then selecting any user.

Who can view the key log data?

Users can only see their own activity in the log. Admins can see the activity of all users and other admins.

Can I unlock a door remotely?

If a Nexkey Hub is installed, the door can be unlocked from anywhere. Anyone holding an admin key to the door can unlock it remotely. It is also possible to enable users to remotely unlock a door if needed.


How does Nexkey connect to my device?

Nexkey utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for local unlocking. For remote access, a cellular or wifi connection can be used through the Nexkey hub.

How do I open doors with the Core?

Simply, open the app and tap the core. Wait for the app to say unlocked and open the door. Here's a video to show you.

How do I open doors with the Controller?

Open the app and simply choose the door you want to open. Wait for the app to say unlocked and open the door. Here's a video to show you.

Can I keep the door unlocked during regular business hours?

Yes, you can set standard weekly business hours with the Nexkey app under ‘Settings’ for the door you want unlocked. During these hours, the door will unlock automatically and lock when complete. Here's a tutorial video to show you a how to set up business hours.

How do I lock the door while in business hours?

Under the ‘Unlock’ screen, long tap the lock - nearby or remote, depending on your location - and simply tap “Lock”. For holidays, switch business hours off in ‘Settings’ screen. Here's a tutorial video to show you a how lock the door during business hours.

How do I get support?

Inside the Nexkey app, go to the ‘Settings' tab and then select contact Nexkey. You can also contact us through our website at


Does Nexkey have an API?

Yes, Nexkey offers an API to automate access management tasks like granting and revoking keys. The Nexkey API can integrate with any third party application you use for your business.

How do I get access to the API?

Contact us at