Same door, way smarter

The future of smart locks is not just a lock.  The Controller connects existing electric strikes and magnetic locks to the Nexkey platform, making it possible to unlock and secure any door via Bluetooth. 




One size fits all

Because the Nexkey Core can replace every mechanical lock cylinder, it works with main doors, meeting rooms, utility closets — even file cabinets. Better yet, it installs in minutes and the battery lasts for years.


Any door can be smart

Nexkey works with any existing lock set and door hardware.

Installed in hours

Because Nexkey uses your existing wiring, installation is easy, fast, and affordable.


Beautifully simple

You’ll feel right at home with Nexkey. There’s nothing to learn; it just works.

Longest battery life

Even if your door gets opened 100 times a day, your Nexkey battery will last longer than a year!


Weather proof

Nexkey was built to work with everything from gates to garage doors, indoor and out.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 1.43.32 PM.png

Do I need a Core or Controller?