Some of our satisfied customers

Before Nexkey we had to continuously change locks and hand out new keys. It was such an effort. Nexkey makes it simple to give access, and I know exactly who accessed our office.
— Gary Bird, President @ FortyThree PR
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Whenever we have new employees or interns, we can simply send them a text based key via the Nexkey app, which makes onboarding very convenient.
— Deon Nicholas, Co-founder @ Forethought Technologies
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How is Nexkey different?


One easy-to-use app for any space

Control everything about access with one simple platform


Make any door smart indoor and out

Main entries, meeting rooms, even gates and garages

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Quick and painless  installation

Nexkey lets you keep your existing door hardware


We’re here for you

Any questions? We’re happy to answer. You are the key to our success and our #1 priority.

Nexkey’s support has been very quick and helpful. If we need them, they come to us that day, even within the hour.
— Lewis Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Traptic
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