Nexkey Core named 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree for Smart Home

Nexkey Core: the first smart access device to turn any lock into a smart lock


Phone, wallet, keys...check. Every morning we make sure we start our day not forgetting one.

Apple and Google are driven to eliminate the wallet with their payment platforms using the smartphone, and seem to be successful as adoption rises and wallets get smaller.

While smart locks have attempted to eliminate keys with the smartphone, our keychains have stayed the same which is why Nexkey created the Core.

Instead of replacing the lock from the outside-in like traditional smart locks, the Nexkey Core reinvented the lock from the inside-out, making it the first smart access device that can turn any lock into a smart lock. The Nexkey Core can replace every one of our keys.

According to Nexkey’s survey, 65% of us still carry around more than 4 keys.

Keys are not only inconvenient to carry around but present big security concerns.

Hackers have had hundreds of years, since 1861 to be exact, with this outdated technology to figure out the weaknesses and they nailed it. KeyMe, a New York startup, now allows you to copy any key by simply sending a photo of it in an app. You can also easily learn how to use a bump key to unlock common pin-tumbler locks by watching a minute long YouTube video.

Smart locks use the same device Apple and Google believe will replace your wallet: the smartphone.

Those smart locks are already more secure than traditional keys, as it eliminates the issue of copying of keys, but current smart locks on the market face other problems.

Most smart locks are very transparent that they can only secure one type of door - typically those with deadbolt locks. You can feel safe that your front door is more secure but with your garage door or sliding glass door, you’re stuck with keys. No wonder why our keychains aren’t getting smaller. In addition to the compatibility problem, they require additional work by having to change the battery on a frequent basis. Technologies don’t win when they aren’t more convenient than the status quo.

“Compatibility and battery life are the main issues holding the smart lock industry back.” says Eric Trabold, CEO of Nexkey. “In addition to that, the experience has to be better, more convenient than using traditional keys, and so far it isn’t.”


Nexkey is setting out to fix the smart lock industry with their smarter access platform, starring the Nexkey Core.

For the first time, there’s one single device that can make any lever, mortise or deadbolt smart and it doesn’t stop here.

The Nexkey Core can transform file cabinets, lockers and padlocks to be smart. It’s the most versatile smart access device ever.

Nexkey built its platform for business customers, with a focus on compatibility, robustness and security. And those business customers love it.

The times of frequently calling on locksmiths to change locks after employees leave, having to hand out keycards to new employees, and being present for the delivery guy are finally over.

Nexkey’s hardware together with its software platform makes those issues problems of the past.

With a battery that lasts through 50,000 unlocks, they don’t need to worry about changing the battery for years.

Consumer Technology Association recognized that the Nexkey Core is the right product to move the world towards a truly keyless future, and announced today that the Nexkey Core is the winner of a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree for the smart home category.

In 2019, Nexkey plans to make the Nexkey Core, approved and loved by businesses, available for everyone. If you are interested in learning more, sign up at