Smarter Access for the Workplace

Nexkey is helping small to medium sized businesses simplify their access management workflow to increase productivity and efficiency in the office for everyone - in shared, single, and multiple workspaces.  


 How is Nexkey different?


For every door type


Free dedicated support


Blends into the space


Smart keys appear nearby


Unlimited digital keys


Longest battery life


Faster onboarding for new clients

With instant key sharing on your phone, grant access as soon as a client signs up.                                               


A staff schedule based on data

Know your space and when it is at its busiest so you can schedule the right staff for the day.

Maximize ROI from your space

Offer access to the front door, meeting rooms, and private offices 24/7 to gain more revenue. 


Be more efficient with automation

Connect Nexkey with your coworking management software to automate tasks.


Nexkey makes onboarding new tenants a breeze. Instead of having to hand out keys, we just give access through two taps in their app.
— Johnny Yeh, Community Director @ OnePiece Work
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Stop wasting time with the locksmith

No more rekeying! Grant and revoke access instantly.  

Save money and time on install

Installations done in hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional access control.


Excited new hires!

Send keys to new hires before their first day for easy onboarding.

Get organized!       

Ditch the bulky keys and fobs.  Unlock the front door, private office, cabinets, garage on your phone.


Nexkey allows us to stop worrying about giving access to people and instead focus on the business we run.
— Lewis Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Traptic
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Increase productivity

A few clicks to grant and revoke keys so you can focus on your business.

Happy staff, happy life!

Give employees the opportunity to have access to all locations with the convenience of their phone.


Always be in the office, even when you're not

Control who is coming in the office remotely and track access logs on the app.

Audit logs that write themselves

Nexkey saves a record of every unlock, down to the millisecond.  Crush your next audit!


Node’s vision is to provide access to our global members through one simple platform across multiple locations. Nexkey provided us exactly that and is always there to support us.
— Seth Goldstein, Founder @ Node