Our Vision


To change the way people experience access to physical spaces, indoor and out.



The Nexkey Story


At the start, we wanted to simply rid the world of endless keys - to the house, garage, office, storage units, file cabinets, the list goes on. Even those mystery keys you keep buried in a drawer until you remember where they belong.  Our team set out to replace all keys, keycards, and fobs with one app.

While we know that one day keys will be replaced completely by the smartphone, we believe Nexkey goes beyond just the key and lock.

Besides unlocking any door, Nexkey allows you to easily control access and gain insight to every kind of workspace with one platform.  Smarter access allows you to focus on what you do best - running your business.





Eric Trabold, CEO

Eric came to Nexkey with the vision to disrupt an industry that hasn't changed for hundreds of years, which is using keys to gain access to physical spaces.

His vision is to build a platform that is so reliable, secure and simple that his own family and friends use it every day.

In a career journey that began with the transition from Computer Engineer to award winning young Sales Professional, Eric’s progressive, analytical mindset and passionate pursuit of excellence, predicted his emergence in management and executive roles.

Eric came to Nexkey after heading Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Avegant, the leader in Light Field Display Technology for Mixed Reality. Prior to that he was VP Sales & Business Development for the acclaimed Security Software provider, Avira.


Nexkey not only has found great investors but also great partners to change access management for every workplace.