Nexkey Eliminates Complex Installations to Bring Affordable Access Control to Every Business

Say Goodbye to Cluttered Systems and Outdated Access Control Panels


The fastest growing segment in the physical security industry is access control. End users have seen some innovation with the introduction of the cloud and new devices such as the smartphone replacing the keycard, but in the reality behind the end user experience not much has actually changed when looking at most solutions available today.  

Glorified bluetooth or NFC enabled readers still need to get wired up to outdated and costly access control panels. Complex installations become a major issue by driving costs up with no solution in sight, which prevents the everyday business from getting access to affordable access control.

Nexkey eliminates the complexity of installations, reducing deployment time from hours or days to just minutes, and is making access control affordable for every business. Nexkey is a smart access platform, managed through the cloud using the smartphone as the main credential, consisting of just one hardware device - a choice of wired or battery - installed right at the door.

“We have completely simplified the experience of access management for end users and for installers we solved the main issue driving up costs for access control - complex installations,” says Eric Trabold, CEO of Nexkey. “Users can save time and money by managing access with a device already in their pocket - the smartphone, and security integrators see more profit from faster installations with far less wiring and equipment.”

Security integrators can say goodbye to complicated installs and can deploy access control for more doors in less time.

Nexkey designed a sleek, unseen Controller which simply connects to any existing electric strike or magnetic lock, turning any phone into a key to open the door via Bluetooth. The Nexkey Core, a smart lock cylinder transforms any mechanical lock into a smart lock and installs in minutes. Nothing else is needed.

Any access point of a business can become smart with Nexkey in minutes; the main entry, private offices, meeting rooms, garages, back gates - anything that locks.  

Businesses can secure their workspaces, authorize and track access, and access multiple locations from anywhere with one single app on iOS or Android.

Nexkey’s software platform is comprised of one app, portal, and API. Grant access instantly, know who accessed the space and when with an automated audit trail, and remotely unlock doors for guests. Every customer is given access to the latest software updates through one SaaS model. Locksmiths and security integrators can also see some recurring profit from Nexkey’s software platform.

Currently, Nexkey is looking to build strong partnerships with locksmiths and security integrators across California to bring this new smart access technology to every business. Nexkey will demo in Las Vegas, at ISC West April 9-12th, in Booth 41034 - Emerging Technologies, to launch their partner program and introduce Nexkey to the physical security world.